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The importance of having a unique product cannot be underestimated.

If you look around you the most successful brands are head and shoulders above their1_5 reasons rivals i.e. they have no direct competitors because they have something people cannot get anywhere else. Rarity value also means higher prices.

SOLUTION: Get yourself an Utterly Seductive Proposal [USP]. To stop your clients going elsewhere ask yourself, what is it people can only get from you and nowhere else?

Maybe not a lot has changed about your business?

Your products, as well as the end result people are receiving since they started buying from you, need to keep up with the times – which is rising expectations. If you stand still the world moves on. What have you done to develop your products or your service in 2017? If you haven’t spent much time on this I suggest you do.

SOLUTION: Think of the products you currently buy on an ongoing basis. Have they been2_5 reasons upgraded? If so, it keeps you interested and reinvigorates your belief in their brand. All you need do is the same thing. The devil is in the detail. Lots of small changes can make an enormous difference.

This does not just mean something as simple as accepting debit cards.

It goes right back to being easy to find online, easy for people for to understand your unique value, easy to be contacted, easy to try your product, easy to pay, easy to make a purchase, easy to give feedback, easy to reorder from again, easy to speak to, easy to get a reply to an email from and easy to refer to others.

Everything about your business should be easy for the buyer. If it is not, then people simply go elsewhere because humans are generally lazy. This is why it is essential to have a unique product people cannot get anywhere else.

SOLUTION: When next facing a business decision, ask yourself, “Does this make it 3_5 reasonsEASIER for people to do business with us?” Everything should be focused on making it EASY for buyers – that’s it. If you do that everything else should take care of itself.

This can come from your team not sharing your vision.

It’s all very well you having a long-term goal for your business and values that you run your business to, but if your team have no idea what these are then they can’t  be on the same page as you. This means clients can receive a disparity of service.

SOLUTION: A Mission Statement is a great way to ensure everyone knows what you stand for. Why not display it so all staff see it. Even if you work on your own, it will keep you on-track and going in the right direction.

This also could be described as taking people for granted.

The biggest single reason people leave and go to another company is the feeling of being4_5 reasons ignored, undervalued and unimportant. This is so simple to rectify.

SOLUTION: We all need to respect the people that keep our businesses afloat.  A simple stay in touch strategy, a series of follow-up touch points, is all you need to help people feel loved by your company. That may sound simple and it is simple.

It’s simply a matter of respect in my opinion. If a friend doesn’t make any effort with you, then why are you friends with that person when there’s plenty of other people in the world?

Thanks for reading

Tim Coe

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Sending business Christmas cards is a massive waste of your precious time and money. No one will see or remember your card.  Send a 2018 New Year card instead.

Christmas cards not rememberedWhen all the other company’s Christmas cards are undergoing a mass extermination on the 2nd January 2018, your 2018 ‘Howdy‘ card will arrive and shine like a blazing beacon on a moonless dark night.

Why send a business communication to say ‘thank you’ at exactly the same time everyone else does? Your efforts will hardly be seen, let alone remembered.

If I’d sent you a Christmas card last year you wouldn’t even know.

Instead, buck the trend and stop being a sheep. Do the opposite of everyone else.

Don’t just send a reminder/thank you note disguised as a Christmas card because you’ve been conditioned to do so; hold off for a couple of weeks. Send it on the 28th/29th December, right before New Year’s Eve, and combine the exercise with an offer of doing business wrapped up in a helpful message.8

Here’s a greeting card front cover [the blue one] I created for a sports therapist. A personal trainer or anyone from the fitness industry could use this or a variation of it. Inside the card I’d make the offer of a complimentary report on the 12 reasons why jogging can be bad for you.

This strategy works especially well if you can make your product relevant to New Year Resolutions.


Examples and ideas are:

  • A gym helping people to exercise properly
  • A vitamin/ supplement supplier helping people get the right nutrition for a healthy 2017
  • A business coach helping business owners set 2017 goals
  • A printer helping companies get their new improved marketing ready
  • A photographer helping businesses look refreshed and vibrant online for the New Year through new imagery

    Send a New Year card that opens the door for business.

In fact, any business product or service can be linked into a new year resolution [because they’re usually improvements] if you’re creative enough with it.

See 20 card designs here.

Any B2C product can also be tied into New Year upgrades.

You can see some suggestions on how this can be done in 16 example designs I’ve already made up here.

Choose from 3 sizes – 148mm square, A5 or DL.

100 personalized cards are only £110 + VAT which includes:

  1. design on inside/outside [choose here]
  2. print
  3. envelopes
  4. and delivery.

For another £25 + VAT you can receive a bespoke concept, design, image and words so your cards are 100% unique.  Just let me know by emailing me at tim@timcoe.com and we’ll make it happen fast..

You can have any of these card designs on 100 A5 greeting cards for £110 + VAT. Click here for 20 designs.

You need ANY excuse to make contact with clients and prospects – here’s an opportunity NOT to be missed.

Order now to ensure completion before Christmas. Email tim@timcoe.com

Please don’t go down to Clinton’s a buy a box of 25 Christmas cards for £5. It’ll do you absolutely no favours whatsoever.

Chose a design right here and come across as helpful in January 2018.

Tim Coe

P.S. What other new business generation activity have you got planned to kick off the new year? The amount of marketing you engage in directly affects the strength of your bank account.

P.P.S. This is what the established card industry has to offer. Outdated, backward and devoid of inspiration.


original article: http://www.timcoe.com/2018card/




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Make your firm a Cooky Monster

If it isn’t then something’s seriously wrong.

You hear some business owners say, “I don’t want any more clients right now. I just want to stay the same.” Trouble is, everyone loses clients at some point; it’s inevitable.

Unless you have some type of predictable sales process, method or system in place to acquiring new clients, your long-term trajectory is always going to be downwards.

We all need to feed our businesses

A company’s appetite for new challenges, put forward by new clients, is healthy, normal and keeps your business full of life.

Resting on your laurels is lazy, unambitious and dangerous. Running a business is no place for weak, unmotivated, passive and unindustrious types.

Everything starts with a conversion

So I’d suggest the takeaway from this short brain-dump is to check what you do each week to attract new business. It could be:

  • Having new conversations at networking events
  • Finding new people to speak to and help through social media by posting attention grabbing content
  • Asking existing clients for referrals
  • Sending out a low number of highly targeted direct mail pieces weekly
  • Or calling up 5 old clients and asking if there is anything you could be helping them with

The point is to be doing something…ANYTHING

If you do nothing you’re simply relying on luck or chance. And that is no way to survive in business.

No Sales Process = random chaos

The ideal scenario is a well thought through Sales Process that optimises each and every client facing touch point. By analyzing and improving each of your steps, you maximize the possibility of a potential buyer taking the next step and becoming a real buyer.

That takes time to put in place, but, in my opinion, pivotal and fundamental to deep-rooted survival in business.

You have no choice if you want to be in business in 5 years’ time

Either plan how to find new clients or struggle, panic and have a few sleepless nights from time to time.

As always, thank you for reading.

Tim Coe

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If you’re difficult to buy from people simply won’t bother.

If you’re easy to buy from then I’d say you have either:

  • fallen on a lucky system or
  • you have spent time perfecting a process that makes for a smooth, effortless and maybe even a pleasurable buying experience

Stop and think for a moment – who is thriving in business today and why?

UBER – they have fine-tuned a method of you getting picked up precisely when you know they’re picking you up and then getting dropped off without having to fumble for cash or be embarrassed about tipping levels. If you haven’t used UBER yet, download the app and give it a go if it’s available in your area or when you visit a city. You won’t go back to standard cabs…unless you’re very strange!

So UBER have made it EASY for us to get from A-B. They have solved a number of problems for you:

  1. 2_EasyI don’t know a local taxi firm number
  2. I don’t know where I am [the address] to be picked up from
  3. I don’t know when they’ll arrive
  4. I don’t if they have arrived
  5. I don’t know what car is coming or the reg. number to spot it
  6. I don’t know the driver’s name
  7. I don’t know if this a ‘real’ taxi driver [UBER send you a photo]
  8. I don’t know whether to tip the driver

What are you doing to make it EASY for people to buy from YOU?

One of the best ways is actually to allow someone to feel what it’s like to be a client of yours BEFORE they actually pay anything and become a client of yours.

This is usually called a free trial, a sample or a test drive. It is also more powerful than a money back guarantee as the prospect doesn’t have to get out his plastic. You generally do not buy any software these days without a month’s free trial.

3_EasyAnother real life example

SPOTIFY made me an offer I couldn’t refuse a year ago. I’d been on their free plan for about a year and they offered me 3 months Premium for 99p. Not 99p a month, a full 3 months for 99p; I knew right there and then that when I agreed to it I’d never be able to go back to the free plan and those annoying adverts. I was right. I’ve been paying £9.99 ever since the 99p offer finished.

The moral is, they made it EASY for me to buy. Spotity showed me what I could really have without any downside…apart from investing 99p.

Making your products EASY to buy doesn’t just mean having a great introductory offer. It also means:

  1. Making yourself EASY to be seen with stand out marketing
  2. Making yourself EASILY contactable
  3. Making it EASY for people to understand where you deliver value
  4. Making it easy for people to decide to contact you and not being confusing
  5. Making it easy for people to try your product
  6. Making it easy for people to trust you
  7. Making it easy for people to remember you for when the problem you solve arises
  8. And so on……

When you next have a business decision to make, ask yourself, “Does this make it easier for people to buy from us?” It’s the perfect filter to run most business decisions through.

Thanks for reading.

Tim Coe

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Your Ideal Client Has No Sex

Your Ideal Target Client is not male or female. He or she does not necessarily have a 1_TCbusiness located in your town, drive a black Audi A6 or have 5-10 staff either.

He or she is a person – and that person is precisely who you’re going to have to work with. You do not build a relationship and collaborate with a ‘description of a business’.

One of your very first jobs in marketing is to understand who will pay you the most for your services.

What type of person is most suited to working with YOU?

Additionally, what type of person are you looking to work with? Here is an example for you. This is a list I made of personality traits of my Ideal Target Client (ITC).


As you can quite clearly see, it’s all about THE TYPE OF PERSON.

Now let’s turn this around…

Who is my Ideal Target Client looking to work with?

If they’ve thought about it, your ITC will also have their own list of ideal supplier personality traits. So do you match up? Can you predict what they are looking for and what they’ll write on their own list?

  • You have a list.
  • They have a list.
  • What cross-matches?

I don’t even know if that cross-match is important at this stage. What I do know is that you must aim to work with the right type of people [especially in business consulting services] or your client could frustrate the hell out of you and a business divorce is inevitable.

Thanks for reading. Please share if you enjoyed this.

Tim Coe


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Is Your Call to Action a Real Turn Off?


How many times have you heard that you must include a Call to Action in your marketing?1_CTA


But don’t be so hasty. There are Calls to Action …and then there are also Calls to Action.

For more details contact us on 01590 672 282 or email sales@inconsiderate.com


Asking someone to call or email you can often be completely ridiculous!

You’re asking a person, who might never have heard of your company before, let alone have any sort of affiliation or relationship with you, to make direct contact.

It’s far too big a leap.

I don’t know about you, call me cynical, but if I raise my hand and say, “Hey, I’m interested,” I fear that I’ll be put under:

  1. Inevitable sales pressure
  2. Immediate sales pressure &
  3. Ongoing sales pressure.

…so I think I’ll stay quiet, safe and invisible.

A prospect like me will not respond ALL BECAUSE a CTA like that is self-obsessed and inconsiderate. The seller doesn’t see it the way a buyer does. It’s merely – Make direct contact – that’s your only option buddy.

But I’m not ready to make contact. I do not feel comfortable. I don’t know you. I certainly don’t like you yet. And as for trust? We’re miles away.2_CTA

If I think this, your prospects must also think this. I can’t be the only one.

So what can you do to give your audience an alternative Call to Action?

How about something they can watch, view, read, listen to or engage in, IN PRIVATE i.e. they can do this without you knowing about it and jumping on them 5 seconds later. This means they can enjoy the luxury of space to build a relationship with you…but at an arms length and without you knowing. No one’s going to hassle them so they’re more likely to do it.

The ability for individuals to ‘find out more’ on their own terms is crucial to you maximising your response rates.

So instead of ‘Call us Now’ what can you do?


You need to communicate the benefits of responding. What will the user get out of completing the Call to Action?

A marketing piece offering help and giving a link to a slideshow, video, survey [with reward], audio, free book in the post or article is going to get more attention than someone wanting your money – guaranteed.

Stop going for the quick kill, and play the long-game.

Put yourself in the position of your buyers, if you haven’t already. Think of something you bought recently [not retail]. Can you recall how you arrived in the position of feeling ready to go ahead? It probably involved the seller giving before taking.3_CTA

So try and become more creative with your Calls to Action. Don’t assume your intended market already love you when they probably don’t even know you even exist!

Learn to earn someone’s attention and time.

Thank you so much for reading. Feel free to email me your own experiences and thoughs to tim@timcoe.com

Tim Coe

21st May 2017 (The day Arsenal finished 5th in the Premier League – the lowest for 21 years!)






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