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Tim Coe

Who is Tim Coe?

With 31-years’ business experience and more than 12 successful businesses behind him, Tim Coe brings a fresh approach to attracting ideal new clients to your business and ways to keep the existing ones happy.

As author of the 2014 business book ‘Your Utterly Seductive Proposal’, Tim suggests the only way to get paid, not just what you’re worth, but more than your competitors, is by having a product people can NOT buy anywhere else. It’s all about making your product DUDU – Discussable, Unforgettable, Distinctive & Unique.





Michael O’Brien

Who is Michael O’Brien?

Michael is lucky to be alive. He’s also the founder of Peloton Coaching and Consulting. He helps executive leaders and entrepreneurs who are looking to become their best, build their resilience, and experience more career and life happiness.

His memoir, Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows chronicles his journey since his near-death cycling accident which he calls his Last Dad Day. He lives outside of New York City with his wife and two daughters and can be reached through social media and his website.