90 Day Challenge Part 1 – Health

As part 1 of my 90 Day Challenge comes to a close, I realize a few things. See, the month of June was all about improving my Health. Eating healthier, exercising more, improving my overall health.1) I didn’t document enough.

I should of documented more. Showing the beginning, and progress after a month. I will have to do a better job of that for Part II.


Why did I do this? To form a habit. I learned that if I push myself to doing something, that I can make it a consistent habit. With this consistent habit, comes discipline, and through discipline comes results. I’m stronger, healthier, and feel better. I feel better not only physically, but mentally too.

I learned also that investing in your health is important. I feel the difference. I had fast food 2 or 3 times in June, and my body did not feel good after it. The extra grease, the fatty food, the everything about it…it’s not good for you.

Make the investment now I’m your health, so it won’t cost you as much in the future. I don’t want to be overweight. I don’t want to winded when I walk up stairs, I don’t want to feel fatigued all the time. I want to feel great, because I’m treating my body right.

How physical health, attributes to mental health

*disclaimer* I am not a doctor, this is merely my take and experience.

Part of how physical health affects mental health, is the esteem built in seeing results. You work toward something, you make the investment and proper actions, you see results. You have to like who you are though. That is difficult for many people, for many different reasons. I find that starting with your personal health, is one good way to like yourself.

If you want to see change, make a change. – Lance

Start with yourself. Work out your body, and your mind. The discipline you put into improving your physical health, will build confidence in yourself. I find that people who don’t have a positive outlook on themselves, or the world, typically are not working toward something. They don’t have a deeper vision of their life. They don’t have a deep seeded “why”, that they’re working for. They just want to win the lottery, thinking that will make their life better.

Going Forward

These healthy habits are now a part of my daily routines. I will continue working on my health every day, and improving myself. I see I can do it, so why turn back now? I proved to myself that I can make a change for the better, so why go back to what’s not health for me?

Next Step

The 2nd part of this 3 part journey is W E A L T H. I will be building out products, and services more now. How? I do audio editing, some content creation, I design T-shirt’s, so I have some various products I can offer. The goal? As I am writing this, I realize I did not set up a goal for this month. I will be working not that, and haven’t a number in the next blog where I introduce my game plan.


Got questions about what I’m doing, or anything? Just go to the contacts page and send me an email.

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