Taking Time For Yourself


SOME time, not the WHOLE time

Taking time for yourself does not mean you take the whole weekend off. No, it means that you take one of the days, and use SOME of the time for yourself.

Deploy self awareness to figure out how much time you really need, what you need to do, and then do it. Let this be a moment to refresh, rebuild, regroup, relax, so you’re prepped to kick it back in full gear.

Let’s be real

So many people try and say that they “hustle 24/7”, which is a load of garbage. I would love to follow them around and see them hustling 24/7. I guarantee they don’t. That’s okay. I’m not saying get lazy though. I’m not saying to ease up on the actions you take, I’m saying take a moment to do something special for yourself.

This could be a nap, could be getting sushi by yourself, exercising (which you should be doing daily), going outside and soaking in the sun instead of the computer screen for a moment. These are some healthy things, that will help re-energize your body, mind, and spirit. It will help fuel the creativity.

Take some time for yourself today, and be sure to put in some work. Monday will be here, and we’re going full steam ahead. Get Ready.




On a totally different topic, I’ve realized that I have been struggling to put out some material, so I’ve decided to out these shorter blogs.

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