The moment I figured out my brand


To understand how this all started, read PART 1


This has been a winding journey of self awareness. Starting at 1pm March 31st, 2017 and I went to bed around midnight. I was just mentally exhausted trying to figure this whole thing out. I was bound and determined to figure out the core of my brand.


Eventually After back and forth discussions on twitter we finished the night at this.


Lance:  who I am, what I’m passionate about is starting to break down to this. “I create my passion, to motivate people to create theirs


Hank: That’s good for you. I want u to be able to talk about ur biz based on what exactly it has me DO to fix my life


Lance: Inspire and motivate you to take actions to create the life that YOU want for YOU.


Now it’s April 1st, 7:51CST for me, Hank tells me I was a closer on our first thread. We pick up where we left off. “Inspire and motivate you to take actions to create the life that YOU want for YOU.”


At this point Hank challenges me to think of the ONE big thing I want people to do. I overthink everything, which is something I’ve become self aware of through blogging. After a tangent, it came down to this.


BLOG. That’s my vehicle. That’s what I want people to do. Blog about Challenges.


After spending multiple hours and writing out 4 pages front and back notes trying to break this thing down, Hank was able to help break it down in a short period of time.


It came to this, “Blog your challenges to success.”  I write blogs to help me solves problems, to become more self aware, to expose myself which challenges me. I do this to help inspire and motivate other people to do the same.


When you blog, you think through things differently. You’re breaking down complex ideas and thoughts to a concise message that is actionable.


Whenever I have written blogs, or even emails to my team at work, it’s always been written out really for my advantage. By sharing a piece of me and my thoughts to everyone, it now holds me accountable to live up to what I’ve worked out in that message.


My challenge to you is to blog more. Specially about things that challenge you. Not just to become more self-aware, but because of how you work it out, may challenge someone to take action and do something incredible. They may start taking action and start creating their passions.

2 thoughts on “The moment I figured out my brand

  1. I think this all comes down to self-reflection, which is the sort of thing I do by keeping a diary. Or another way is a work journal where you assess what worked and what could be done differently next time. Thanks for sharing your process.Kind RegardsAnita Dow


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! I really appreciate that! You’re right, it is like a work journal. I never thought about it that way! Thanks!


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