What do Grant Cardone and Robert Kiyosaki have in common? They talk about the importance of Cash Flow. Not working for money, but having money work FOR YOU! Residual income, passive income, cash flow. This is where I want to be.


Why work your whole life until you’re 65 to start enjoying yourself? This is the thinking and thought process of those who believe the lies that the 401K is a safe bet, and you need the college degree, the house with the two car garage, that you can become a millionaire by not buying that cup of #Starbucks coffee everyday. The comfy life leads for a very unadventurous, grueling, enslaving, life.


Do not rely on the government, or anyone else to take care of you. Imagine getting $733 a month from the government. That’s all you have to live off of. Could you do it? Would you want to do that? That’s why it’s important to buckle down and get your mind and money right.


💥Also very importantly, ➡️ Help others along the way! 💯


Be great!