What’s the deal with content?


Content Is King

First put out great content to inspire, add value, and truly help people.

Then monetize.

Don’t worry about trying to monetize yet. You need to focus on getting followers, networking, putting out incredible content.

Now you have followers

Now you can start pitching and monetizing. You’ve got great content, people are engaging, now you can ask for the sale.

“But I have 1,000 followers”

Who cares if you have a 1,000 or 10,000 followers? If your content sucks, then it won’t matter how many people you deliver it to. You need to focus on creating better content.

Content should be easy to digest

If you’re information is really cluttered, people are less likely to go through it.

If you make the information more edible, passerby’s are more likely to consume what you have to say.

Bullet point summary

  • Content is King
  • Quality Matters Most
  • Make it Edible

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